Made with White Wraps

2 Albany White Wraps

1 slab Beacon Chocolate, chopped

4 Beacon Marshmallows

Serves 2

  1. Cut 1 slice into each of your wraps, from the center out to the edge towards you.
  2. Place ½ the chocolate onto the top left quarter of each wrap.
  3. Cut each marshmallow into 3 pieces width ways, and arrange them onto the top and bottom right hand quarters of your wraps.
  4. Starting at the bottom left, fold the left bottom quarter over the top left quarter. Then fold that over and across onto the top right quarter.
  5. Finally fold that down over the bottom right and final quarter so you have a triangle shaped wrap sarmie.
  6. Toast in a pan or sandwich press until the wrap is golden and the marshmallows and chocolate are melted.

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