Cheese & Ham Christmas Trees
Albany Superior 700g BOB Bread
Made with Best of Both White Bread

15 slices Albany Best of Both Genius Bread

50ml Crosse and Blackwell Mayonnaise

15 tiny lettuce leaves

15 slices ham

15 slices cheddar or gouda cheese – pre sliced squares are easier to cut into perfect stars

1 block gouda or cheddar – for stars on top

Special Equipment:

A set of 5 star shaped cookie cutters

Bamboo skewers

Start by cutting 5 different sized stars out of your bread, ham & cheese slices.

To make the stars for the tree tops, simply cut a 1cm thick slice off of the gouda block and use your smallest star to cut out 3 stars.

To assemble a Christmas tree, place one of the largest stars on a board and top it with a tiny blob of mayonnaise.

Next, place the cheese, ham and lettuce on top of the star, fanning out the points in different directions.

Repeat with the next 4 layers until you have a beautiful tree shape.

Carefully stick a skewer through the middle of the tree to secure it and help it to stand straight, then trim off the end leaving about 2cm to stick the cheese star on top.

Place the trees on a serving board or platter and garnish with extra bread stars.

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