Spicy Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwiches
Albany Superior 700g White Bread
Made with White Bread

Spicy Chicken Mayonnaise

15ml All Gold Apricot Jam

3-5ml mild curry powder

30ml fruit chutney

80 – 125ml mayonnaise, as desired

350g cooked roasted chicken, shredded

5 dried apricots, chopped, optional

1 celery stick, chopped, optional

Salt and milled black pepper

To serve:

8 slices Albany Superior White Bread

Butter or margarine for spreading, if desired

16 - 20 slices cucumber

A few lettuce leaves, torn

Spicy Chicken Mayonnaise

Mix the All Gold Apricot Jam and curry powder in a mixing bowl, combining until smooth.

Stir in the chutney and mayonnaise.

Add the chicken, plus the apricots and celery, if using, and mix well.Season with salt and pepper.


To serve:

Lightly butter the bread if desired.

Divide the spicy chicken mayonnaise mixture between four sandwiches.

Add some cucumber slices and a few lettuce leaves, and top with the remaining bread.

Slice in half or quarters for easy eating.



For a spicier version, add 4-5 chopped peppadews. Alternatively for a tropical touch, add 45ml finely chopped mango or pineapple.

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