Albany Soy
Albany Low Gi 800g Wholewheat Bread
Made with Low GI Wholewheat Brown Bread

2 slices Albany Bread-A-Betix Low G.I. Wholewheat Brown Bread
Beef strips
30ml soy sauce
10ml oil
4-6 slices tomato
15ml Dijon mustard
Handful of baby spinach leaves

Fry the beef strips in oil over a high heat. Once cooked, pour the soy sauce into the pan and cook for a further minute.
Spread the mustard onto both slices of bread.
Lay 4 of the tomato slices, on 1 of the slices of bread.
Top with beef strips and cover with second slice of bread.
Pop the sarm on a heated pan and toast until outside of bread is golden. Remove from heat and fill with fresh baby spinach.
Slice and skewer to serve.
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