Albany Superior White Buns
Made with Buns and Rolls White Buns

Albany Superior White Buns

4 burger patties

BBQ basting sauce

2 tbsp oil 

½ Onion, sliced and fried 

¼ cup All Gold Tomato Sauce

1 tsp salt 

½ tsp pepper 

4 cheese slices 

125g back bacon

2 tbsp butter

4 eggs

Toast the buns in a medium pan until golden

Fry the burger patties, basting with BBQ sauce while they’re cooking

Fry the onions until golden and a little caramelised 

In a non-stick pan, melt 1 tbsp of butter and then fry the eggs until soft, remove and set aside while you cook the bacon in the same pan

Make sure to cook the bacon but do not crisp it

Finally wipe out the non-stick pan and melt the remaining tbsp of butter

Toast the buns to golden brown

To assemble, place a tbsp of tomato sauce on the base of each bun

Top with fried onions and then a patty

Top with cheese slice then bacon and finally a soft fried egg

Finish off by closing the burger with the top bun

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