Loving and Celebrating our Heritage with Dr Esther Mahlangu

On Wednesday 19 September, 3 of South Africa’s beloved icons came together to host an Art Masterclass at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg. Along with Tastic Rice, we invited the renowned Ndebele artist, Dr. Esther Mahlangu to teach the art students at the NSA the incredible technique she uses to create her world-famous Ndebele paintings. As part of both brands’ Heritage month campaigns, Dr. Mahlangu’s art was selected to be displayed on our packaging – a perfect fit to celebrate the unique and colourful diversity of our beautiful country.

At 82, Dr. Mahlangu is considered a South African icon, having the travelled the world to share her heritage through art, inspiring young and old to not only dream, but do. Students, media and guests were captivated by her incredible presence.

“In North Sotho there is a saying which goes: Rutang bana ditaola, le sa ye le tsona badimong. Loosely translated it means elders must share wisdom and expertise with the youth, not the grave,” said Albany Bakeries MD Matshela Seshibe. He also continued by saying that the day was not only a reminder to celebrate our heritage, but that is was also about education and that education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change the world – a famous and powerful quote by Nelson Mandela.

In the art room, students were fascinated by her careful and precise brushstrokes. She paints with a chicken feather, the way she was taught many years ago when she first started painting. Students were all given feathers and sat in awe as she applied perfect lines to her blank canvas.

The pupils’ artwork were exhibited at Tiger Brands Head Office, joined by Dr Esther to acknowledge the celebration and love of heritage through art.

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