New Normal New You

ALBANY’s nutritious range of specially developed breads.

Life has changed, for good and we’ve all made positive little changes to our lives. It’s been difficult and there still is a lot of uncertainty, but we’re proud of you and all you’ve accomplished.

We’ve learnt so much through this experience.  We’ve learnt to sit together at the table again, connect and appreciate each other more. We’ve learnt to make time to help those around us and many of us even took up another day job, as teachers.

We’ve learnt to look after ourselves and that it’s never too late to start making healthier choices or to take control of our wellness. We started exercising for the first time in months or even years. We took up running or walking and maybe an online class or two.

Furthermore, we made small yet significant changes to our diets, making wiser choices at the grocery stores and what we put into our bodies. We learnt our wellness is a priority and that our health is vital.

It’s all these little changes that we have embraced that have become the new normal. At Albany Bakeries we know just how important your health is, that’s why we have a specially developed range of nutritious breads to fuel a new you.

Ultima Range:
Our range consists of 3 delicious and nutritious breads, each with their own taste profiles. Ultima Kilojoule Controlled* Brown Bread has 67 calories per slice, Ultima Multigrain Brown Bread has 4 grains and includes pumpkin seeds, full of valuable nutrients and Ultima Rooibos and Rye Brown Bread is high in vitamin E. The entire range is endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Diabetes South Africa.

*Portion control to assist in a calorie conscious diet

Find out more about the range here

Low G.I. Range:
Our range consists of 3 Low G.I breads, all high in energy, keeping you fuller for longer and great for longer lasting energy to take on your new normal. Our Low G.I. Wholewheat Brown Bread and Low G.I. Seeded Brown are endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Diabetes South Africa.  Albany Low G.I. White Bread is endorsed by South African Glycaemic Index.

Find out more about the range here

Best Of Both Range:
Our Best of Both range consists of 2 breads, both a great way to ensure your kids are getting that white bread taste they love and all the fibre of brown.

Albany Superior Best of Both White Bread is high in fibre, low in fat and cholesterol free, while Albany Best of Both Genius Speciality Bread is packed with 7 vitamins and minerals which support normal immune function, bone growth, brain support and energy.

Find out more about Albany Best of Both here
Find out more about Albany Best of Both Genius here

We know you’ve got this and together with Albany, you can continue to fuel your #NewNormal #NewYou


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