Let's Rebuild Mzansi!

Let's Rebuild Mzansi!

Albany Bakeries are OPEN throughout KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng and are working around the clock to deliver fresh bread at the same price as before to all communities affected.

Albany Bakeries would like to reassure all those in affected areas, and those that have experienced great unrest over the past week, that we have turned our attention to helping where we can to uplift communities and businesses that rely on us.

Over the past week we are saddened to see Albany Bread being sold at inflated prices, as well as bread being sold directly to the public from trucks. We would like to reassure  you, our loyal consumers, that the price of our bread has not changed due to the unrest in the country and that we will investigate any incidents thereof.

If you are aware of or come across any illicit activity (area, driver and/or vehicle license), please notify us via our customer care hotline 0860 005 342 or email tigercsd@tigerbrands.com us so that we're able to investigate any leads further.

Thank you for your support!

Let's rebuild Mzansi!
Together, It's where we belong.

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