The Picnic Basket Checklist

The Picnic Basket Checklist

Ah…the sweet arrival of the weekend is welcomed with open arms. Finally, you have a break from work and can spend time doing what really makes you happy. The sun is out, why not take advantage of the amazing weather we have in South Africa and spend time outside with your family enjoying a delicious picnic?

Making sure you pack something for everyone and enough of everything can be stressful and confusing, but that’s why we are here! We have compiled the ultimate picnic checklist to inspire your next outdoor adventure.


WATER! Everyone drinks it and it is the most important drink to pack. Alongside good ol’ H2O, pack 100%, fresh juices rather than fizzy drinks and concentrate juice. Fresh juice is filled with vitamins and nutrients and is far more refreshing. Pack all drinks in a separate carry bag so that there is more space for food in the basket.


Crisps and dip, dried fruit, biltong, nuts, Albany D’light and cheeses are great to snack on before the real feast begins. To prevent crushable foods from breaking down into smithereens, pack them into zip-lock bags, leaving air in them, which will act as a cushion. These foods are easy to eat and don’t require utensils.

The Feast

On to the main course! Food that require lots of utensils is a no – they mean more cleaning and food that is difficult to eat. Sandwiches, hotdogs and burgers made with Albany Superior Buns and Rolls are always delicious. You can plan ahead, buying them the day before and they’ll be just as fresh the next day. If you want to save time on the day, pre-make them, cut and butter them the night ahead! But remember not to add the tomatoes!

The Sides

Pasta salads, potato salads and pre-roasted veggies are our favourite. They’re all delicious cold. Make sure that the veggies are cold before you pack them away – if not, they will sweat in the container.

The Tools

Obviously, the less mess the better! Instead of plastic or paper plates, use the lids of the containers the food is packed in to eat off. Pack enough forks and spoons for everyone and then only enough knives for food that needs it.

Lastly, and most importantly, do not forget rubbish bags. We love this country and its beauty, so we need to protect our land and treat it with respect.