The Best Beats for your Workout

The Best Beats for your Workout

We are all familiar with the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of working out – stretch, keep hydrated, don’t eat right before going to the gym, don’t over exert yourself. But, there is one aspect of keeping fit that you haven’t been told, and this one will surprise you the most.

We all use music to keep us pumped up and in the zone when we work out, but you could be listening to the completely wrong music. A group of Sports Psychologists from London have proven that certain types of music complement specific exercises, enhancing your performance. Who would have guessed!

These psychologists found that rap and hip-hop music offers the best beats per minute for running and stretching; dance music goes best with strength training; pop music suits warm up and cool down the most; and rock music should be avoided altogether due to different changes in tempo.

To help you out, here are some examples of the best songs to gym to:


Roar Katy Perry 92 Pop/Rock Mental preparation
Talk Dirty Jason Derulo 100 R&B Stretching
Skip To The Good Bit Rizzle Kicks 105    Hip Hop/Rap Stretching
Get Lucky Daft Punk ft. Pharrel Williams 116    Disco / Funk Aerobic Warm-up
Move    Little Mix 120    Pop    Aerobic Warm-up
Need U 100% Duke Dumont 124    House    Cardio training (low intensity)
You Make Me Avicii    125    House    Cardio training (low intensity)
Timber    Pitbull ft Ke$ha 130    Pop    Cardio training (moderate intensity)
Applause    Lady Gaga 140    Pop    Cardio training (high intensity)
Can’t Hold Us Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton 147 Hip Hop/Rap Cardio Training (very high intensity)
Happy    Pharrell Williams   160    Pop    Cardio training (very high intensity)
The Monster Eminem ft Rihanna    110 Hip Hop/Rap Strength training
Love Me Again John Newman 126    Pop    Strength training
It’s My Party Jessie J 130    Dance/Pop Strength training
Burn    Ellie Goulding 86    Pop    Warm down
Burn    Lorde    85    Pop    Warm down


Look after yourself and find your rhythm!