DJ Zinhle on motherhood, her career and finding her groove!

DJ Zinhle on motherhood, her career and finding her groove!

DJ Zinhle is undoubtedly of of the most influential and successful women in South Africa. She is loved and admired for making her mark in the music industry, dominating TV and radio, while balancing her most important job – motherhood! We sat down and chatted with Zinhle about life, motherhood and why she is living her dream.

On Motherhood
Motherhood means you are one of the chosen ones, the blessed ones. Motherhood is about caring and loving someone else endlessly and the great thing is that you receive that love right back.

On Finding her Groove
Everything takes a good plan and dedication. I plan my days and meals ahead. This helps me realize that if I miss one commitment everything could fall apart so I have to be good and committed.

On her Love for Music
Music chose me and I am living my dream, nothing is more fulfilling. Waking up to do what I love, travel the world and get paid for it is a great blessing.

On her Workout Philosophy
Exercise is about getting my body right. I love feeling good. I also think it does a lot for my endurance and willpower. I keep pushing and I know that I am not a quitter.

On Why the Future is Female
I realize that a lot of women look up to me for inspiration. I want to be a great example for women and I want them to look at my life and know that anything is possible.

On Why she Loves Eating Albany Low GI
I am always on the go. When I eat I need food that is filling and food that will give me sustained energy throughout the day. I am always busy so I have to eat the right kind of food because I need energy. Low GI is the answer.