Can I eat Low GI and lose weight?

Can I eat Low GI and lose weight?

In recent years, South Africans have started to be more aware of the kinds of foods they eat. With all the different diet trends taking over, it is important to remember that no specific food will make you lose or gain weight. It’s your overall lifestyle that matters, in other words, the types of food you eat, how much of it you eat, the amount of physical activity you partake in combined with many other factors.

Low GI (otherwise known as the glycaemic index) ranks foods from 0-100 based on what effect they have on your body’s glucose. It is important to remember that your body will perform at its optimum when your blood glucose levels are constant, and this can be achieved by following a Low GI eating plan.

The Low GI diet is backed by scientific research and can be maintained by eating everyday foods, but following a Low GI eating plan can be hard for some, especially with so many tempting treats in the aisles. With the help of our in-house nutritionist, we have put together a list of Low GI alternatives, designed to help you make healthier choices next time you’re shopping for groceries at the supermarket.

Healthier Alternatives

This (what you currently buy) That (what you should buy instead)
White Rolls
  • Albany Low GI White Bread
  • Albany Low G.I Seeded Bread
  • Albany Low GI Wholewheat Bread
Baked goods Fresh fruit
White rice Brown rice
Pasta Zucchini/Butternut noodles
Cereal Yoghurt and fresh fruit/nuts, boiled eggs


If you want to follow a Low GI eating plan to lose weight, we highly recommend consulting a registered dietician or nutritionist to asses your current diet and help you make the right decisions.