Albany Bakeries Celebrate Well-Being at the Albany Self Love Masterclass

Albany Bakeries Celebrate Well-Being at the Albany Self Love Masterclass

The Albany Self Love Masterclass was a first of its kind. While many are already familiar with Albany’s efforts to educate consumers on leading balanced lifestyles, this unique one-day event aimed to take our passion for wellness to the next level.

As part of celebrating Women’s Month, the event was held on the 18th of August and hosted by popular Brand Ambassador, DJ Zinhle. Held at the gorgeous Toadbury Hall in Lanseria, the Self Love Masterclass was designed to give participants tools to achieve overall well-being. While a Low G.I lifestyle was at the heart of the campaign, this initiative acted as further means to promote a holistic view to wellness, centered around self-love.

Attended by the Albany family, DJ Zinhle, media and selected Albany fans, it was an experience that celebrated both physical and emotional wellbeing.

The guests were greeted by a chilly morning breeze but soon warmed with an outdoor yoga class, led by Anesu Mbizvo of Freedohm Yoga. Everyone limbered up and learnt some of the basic principles of yoga as well as popular yoga poses and positions – a perfect way to start the day!

“Yoga is an excellent way to love yourself and achieve holistic wellbeing of your mind, body and spirit, and our yoga class in the morning was an excellent way to begin the Self-love Masterclass. By incorporating breathing exercises, strength developing poses and stretches to increase flexibility, the ladies had the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate their bodies and to start off their day feeling peaceful, blissed out. What a wonderful way to celebrate the power, strength and beauty of ALL women this Women’s Month.” says Anesu Mbizvo.

From yoga, guests were taken into the Self Love Meditation workshop run by Robyn Hands. This workshop aimed to focus on the importance of self acceptance and love – something many people struggle with on a daily basis. Robyn led a guided meditation for the class, focusing on breathing techniques as well as showing guests easy ways to relieve the stress of their daily lives and find inner calm.

“My class focus was on learning to accept and value ourselves, acknowledging our uniqueness. The aim is to provide everyone with techniques that they can take into their everyday lives to help relieve stress”, said Robyn Hands.

DJ Zinhle also shared her thoughts on Robyn’s class:

“The most memorable part of the self love meditation class, was looking at myself in the mirror and realizing that I don’t do it as often as I should. I use the mirror everyday but I don’t take the time to look deeply into my own eyes.”

With mind and body covered, it was time for the group to join Executive Chef Philippe in the kitchen for some delicious ideas on how to lead a Low G.I lifestyle – without having to give up their favourite Albany bread! Demonstrating mouthwatering recipes such as Tuscan Bread Soup, Gnocchetti and Bread & Butter Pudding, Chef Philippe lead a wonderfully interactive class that left everyone inspired to get creative in the kitchen with the Albany Low G.I and Ultima ranges.

To round off the day, a scrumptious lunch buffet made up of all the dishes demonstrated by Chef Philippe was served in the beautiful gardens. The group spent a memorable afternoon relaxing, getting to know DJ Zinhle, enjoying each others’ company and celebrating themselves.

As a brand, Albany remains passionate about our ongoing drive to educate families all over South Africa, about the importance of both physical and mental wellness.

“Soul, body and mind need to equally be nourished and nurtured and it’s important as the Albany team to teach our love consumers how do it and ensure its practical enough to do on their own. I personally felt revived and refreshed after the session”, said Albany brand manager, Bontu Mulaudzi.

When asked about her experience of the day, DJ Zinhle shared her thoughts of the initiative:

“The purpose of today was to teach ladies the importance of investing in their own well-being, while equipping them with the tools they need to achieve this. I feel initiatives like this are important because we are so busy and we do so much for the world and everyone else, making it so easy for us to neglect ourselves.”

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