Great Tips For Organising Kids Toys

Great Tips For Organising Kids Toys

Children, toys and clutter are three words that go hand in hand. As any mother knows their little ones often end having an overwhelming amount of toys which seem to just take over every room in the house. In order to regain some order in your home give the tips below a go and hope for the best.

1. Do you really need all those toys?

Do a stock take of your children’s toys and get rid of any toys that are broken, you have more than one of or that they have outgrown. Toys still in good condition can be donated to your local children’s home.

2. Sort by toy type

It is much easier to find a specific toy if it is stored in a categorised box/container etc. Storing specific toys by types (cars, books, puzzles) reduces clutter and gives your children options to look for when deciding what they want to play with.

3. Rotate the toys

Everyone suffers from boredom so understandably your children may experience toy fatigue at some point. A good way to combat this is to rotate the toys every week or so. The toys that aren’t being used that week can be stored in the garage or at the top of a cupboard. This eases up storage issues in your general living space and will have them excited when the new batch of toys is bought out again.

4. Up on the shelf

If you have wall space put up some shelves. These help children see what toys they have especially if the storage boxes used are labelled with large words or have pictures attached. This makes it easy for them to spot the toy they are looking for. Shelves will assist in clearing up your floor space.

5. Clean up made easy

In the madness of dinner and bath time children don’t always have the time to pick up all their toys at once. At these times use a laundry basket or large blanket as a quick and easy way to clear up and then store the toys later.

6. Time for toy rules

A good tip is to teach your children that they do not need to have all their toys at once. Let them pick one or two to play with at a time; this will encourage them to focus more on the activity they are doing versus just jumping between them.

7. Safety first always

A stack of toys and storage boxes collapsing on your child is far from ideal. To avoid this try find a way to keep toys stored at a low level using shelves and cabinets where necessary to ensure your childs safety.