5 Tips to Make More Time

5 Tips to Make More Time

What we all want most in life is more time: more time with our children, partners, and more time to ourselves. Before we know it, it’s time for teeth-brushing, story-reading and tucking into bed. Where does the time go?

We don’t realise this, but every little task and errand adds up! From trying to plug your cell phone into charge amongst tangled wires to packing away the cleaning supplies after you’ve done your daily springclean – these “little” things take up big chunks of time.

We thought to ourselves, how can we make this better? So, here are our top five DIY tricks to make the ‘small’ tasks in life that much easier for you!

  1. Are you tired of spending 10 minutes a day untangling that massive knot of wires just to charge your phone? We have the solution! Create a cell phone holder with an old lotion bottle, keeping the charger separate and in one place.
  2. Stop wasting time trying to remember which of the million keys belongs to which door with this simple trick: colour-coding! Paint the head of the key with nailpolish, differentiating it from the others and saving yourself seconds of frustration.
  3. We’ve all had to close the cleaning cupboard door extra fast to stop the mountain of spray bottles and other supplies from tumbling out. To avoid this unstable pile of products, install tension rods in your cupboard and hang your spray bottles neatly.
  4. Your home can become a zoo with your child’s stuffed animals peeking out of odd places. Make these fluffy friends easily accessible and easy to put away by sticking a velcro strip along your little one’s bedroom wall and sticking them up!
  5. The dreaded linen cupboard. Packing linen away and keeping it neat is an incredibly time-consuming task. To minimise this, pack your linen sets in one of their pillow-cases and you have everything where it needs to be!

Now go get your free time back!